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Placentia Games was a publishing house established in 2010 thanks to the passion and courage of Franco Arcelloni, Sandro Zurla and Stefano Groppi. Since 2018 Placentia Games has become a Post Scriptum brand.

The three partners, German Game buffs, have gained a great knowledge of the gaming world over the years and have developed a critical and attentive eye to the needs of the players.

Since the creation of the first game, Florenza, the team proves to be attentive to every detail, researching historical facts with philological support and beautiful illustrations that make the gaming experience unique and engaging.

It is no coincidence that Florenza won the Best of Show 2010 at the Lucca Comics & Games, as best editorial product and was placed in the 2011 Ludoteca Ideale (Ideal Game Room).

From its establishment, Placentia Games works closely with the Post Scriptum development team, who works hard to ensure that Placentia products are solid, well-balanced and structured to anyone who wants an intense and quality gaming experience.

After Florenza, Placentia Games continued working on a number of products which have always received unanimous critical accolades, whether immediate or in time.

Ark & Noah (Stefano Groppi, 2012): the company's first game designed for families and for players who, even on occasion play, still look for a unique and engaging gameplay.

Florenza Card Game (Stefano Groppi, 2013): card version of Florenza, simplifies the gameplay experience while maintaining the atmosphere and the richness of the mother game.

Bretagne (Marco Pozzi, 2015): a solid game, simple to learn but difficult to master, it is already a classic of the German Game, enhanced by the beautiful illustrations by Alan D'Amico.


Ludographie (10 Spiele)

Name des Spiels Sortieren Sortieren Jahr Sortieren Sortieren Wertung / Anz. Sortieren Sortieren
Ark & Noah 2012 Stern Stern Stern Stern Halber Stern Kein Stern   (3)
Bretagne 2015 Stern Stern Stern Stern Kein Stern Kein Stern   (1)
Florenza 2010 Stern Stern Stern Stern Stern Stern   (8)
Florenza - Das Kartenspiel 2013 Nicht bewertet
Florenza - The Card Game: War and Religion Expansion 2014 Nicht bewertet
Florenza: Captains of Fortune 2014 Nicht bewertet
Florenza: Promokarte La Musa 2014 Nicht bewertet
Kepler-3042 2016 Nicht bewertet
Wendake 2017 Stern Stern Stern Stern Stern Kein Stern   (1)
Wendake: New Allies 2018 Nicht bewertet

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Spiele des Verlags:
Ark & Noah
Florenza - Das Kartenspiel
Florenza - The Card Game: War and Religion Expansion
Florenza: Captains of Fortune
Florenza: Promokarte La Musa
Wendake: New Allies
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